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2015-2016 Gaston College Catalog 

Health & Fitness Science, A.A.S. (A45630)

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The Health and Fitness Science curriculum prepares multi-skilled fitness professionals to be qualified to perform various skills in the health and fitness industry. Graduates of the Health and Fitness Science program will be required to sit for an accredited certified personal trainer exam before graduation. Graduates may also be eligible to sit for a variety of other examinations that pertain to the health and fitness industry. Employment opportunities include YMCA’s, fitness studios, parks and recreation departments, hospitals, sports performance facilities, and other health and fitness areas.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  1. Design and teach specific exercise and fitness classes.
  2. Provide instruction in proper exercise technique, use of exercise equipment, and facilities.
  3. Design specific individual exercise programs.
  4. Obtain at least one certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Admission Information

Students applying for admission to the Gaston College Health and Fitness Science (HFS) program MUST meet all Gaston College admission requirements for GENERAL ADMISSION to the college. Admission to the general college does not guarantee admission to the Health and Fitness Science Program.

To be eligible to submit an application to the associate degree health and fitness science program applicants must:

  1. Have completed coursework up through, or place out of DMA 050 (Developmental Math) and DRE 098 (Developmental Reading) prior to entering the Health and Fitness Science Program.
  2. Have grades of “C” or better in all related courses.

Competitive Admission Criteria

The following is used by the Health and Fitness Science Program Admissions Committee in the selection process of qualified applicants. While the completion of all developmental level courses are the only required admission criteria, ADDITIONAL ADMISSION POINTS can be earned from the following categories:

  1. College degree/diploma
  2. College level Anatomy & Physiology course
  3. College level English course
  4. College level Math course
  5. College level Physical Education/Health courses
  6. CPR Certification (current)
  7. College level Psychology course
  8. Accredited Fitness Certification (current)
  9. Previous fitness experience
  10. Interview conducted by the Admissions Committee

Students Admitted to Health and Fitness Science Program

In addition to maintaining a 2.0 GPA and earning a minimum grade of “C” in all Health and Fitness Science curriculum courses, applicants accepted into the HFS program must meet the following requirements in order to enroll and continue HFS courses. Students meeting all admission requirements will be considered for full admission status. Students who have not met all of the requirements for full admission may still be considered for possible conditional acceptance as determined by the Health and Fitness Science Program Admissions Committee.

  • Orientation session for HFS Program.
  • Immunizations required by the N.C. Community College System and clinical agencies.
  • Satisfactory physical and emotional health examination documented on a N.C. Community College Student Medical Form provided by the Health and Fitness Science Program.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Drug screen.

Clinical Externship facilities reserve the right to deny a student access to the facility based on failure to meet the above requirements. If a student is denied access to any Clinical Externship facility, the student will not be allowed to continue in the Health and Fitness Science Program. Detailed information regarding these agency requirements will be provided upon acceptance into the Health and Fitness Science Program. Applicants should be aware that travel in “out-of-service” areas may be required for clinical externship work experiences (Work-Based Learning (WBL) courses).

Program Costs

In addition to tuition and textbooks, costs of this program include the following: uniforms, a physical examination, immunizations, criminal background check, drug screening at a time designated by the Health and Fitness Science faculty, and the fees for the required Certified Personal Trainer Examination.



Total Program Hours: 70

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