Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Gaston College Catalog and Student Handbook 
2024-2025 Gaston College Catalog and Student Handbook

Academic and Non-Academic Student Complaints

It is the policy of Gaston College to resolve academic and non-academic student complaints, grievances, and appeals in a prompt, fair, and cordial manner. The following information provides students with options regarding academic and non-academic complaints. Students can also find information about College complaint, grievance, and appeal procedures by visiting the College’s Consumer Information webpage.

Student Academic Complaints

Student academic complaints are those matters involving concerns about course design and content, teaching performance, and instructor conduct in the classroom/lab setting, excluding final grade complaints (see Final Grade Appeal in the Catalog and Student Handbook under Records and Registration). Information and procedures for filing a formal written Student Academic Complaint can be found in Appendix H  and Appendix I  in the Catalog and Student Handbook.

Non-Academic Complaints

Student concerns about unfair and inequitable treatment, discrimination, and harassment should follow the appropriate process below for resolution.

Student non-academic complaints are those matters involving concern about a College employee or process outside the classroom/lab setting that may adversely affect the status, rights, or privileges of the students. This process does not cover matters where there is an established and defined appeal process or policy such as appeals regarding final grades, refunds, Student Code of Conduct, Title IX, accessibility/ disability, and financial aid. The Student Non-Academic Complaint Procedure can be found in Appendix J  of the Catalog and Student Handbook.

  • Disability Grievances-Any student who believes that they have been discriminated against because of a disability by any Gaston College employee, has the right to seek review of such concerns. The Disability Grievance Procedure can be found in Appendix K  of the Catalog and Student Handbook.
  • Title IX and Sexual Harassment-Gaston College is committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and welcoming working and learning environment for all members of the College Community. In accordance with applicable federal and state laws, administrative regulations, and College policy, the College prohibits discrimination in its educational programs and activities based upon sex that includes all forms of sexual harassment. This applies to conduct that occurs in a College Education Program or Activity located within the United States. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex includes quid pro quo harassment; sexual harassment; and sexual assault, stalking, dating, and domestic violence (collectively referred to as “sexual harassment”). More information is available in Appendix F  of the Catalog and Student Handbook and on the College’s Title IX webpage.

State Student Complaint Process

In compliance with state regulations and rules promulgated by the U.S. Department of Education, the University of North Carolina is committed to implementing a student complaint process that is fair, timely, and effective. This policy establishes a process by which students can initiate complaints against a post-secondary institution offering programs in the state of North Carolina when all other forums at the institutional level have been exhausted. The University of North Carolina System Office, serving as the clearinghouse for complaints concerning post-secondary institutions that are authorized to operate in North Carolina, will act upon those complaints within its purview and forward all other complaints to the appropriate agency. See the Gaston College Student Complaint Procedures on the College’s Consumer Information webpage for more details on this process.