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2023-24 Gaston College Catalog and Student Handbook 
2023-24 Gaston College Catalog and Student Handbook

Student Development/Student Activities/Clubs and Organizations

Student Development provides programs and services designed to enhance students’ academic and personal success. The department supports the mission of the College by enhancing student life and learning through clubs/organizations, activities, and leadership opportunities for students. Student Development coordinates Student Life, the Student Government Association, Intramural Activities, and the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Life

Student Life welcomes and integrates students into campus life through involvement in student clubs and organizations and enhances students’ co-curricular experiences through activities outside the classroom. The Coordinator of Student Life and Special Projects serves as a resource for all faculty and staff club advisors and is responsible for approving all campus activities sponsored by student clubs and organizations.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association acts an intermediary between the student body and the College, serving to gather and share student views. SGA operates under a constitution and is responsible for formulating an annual budget from student activity fees, directing annual elections, holding regular meetings to promote the interests of students, planning extracurricular activities, and chartering new student clubs and organizations. The President of the Student Government Association serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. SGA is available to all students during events, office hours, and through online platforms. All curriculum students are eligible to be a part of SGA, including dual-enrollment students.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Gaston College supports student clubs and organizations for the academic and social development of students. Student Life inspires students to become active members of the campus community. Through student club and organization involvement, students are given an opportunity to give back to the community. There are various clubs and organizations where students may pursue special interests and talents. For a complete listing of active campus clubs and organizations, please contact Student Life at studentlife@gaston.edu.

Student Organization Activities and Fundraisers

For student organizations to schedule an activity and / or fundraiser on campus, a fundraiser and activity clearance form must be obtained from Student Life located on the second floor of the Myers Center. Completion of this form is necessary to secure the cooperation of student organizations on campus and to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Student organization activities are approved at several levels. The advisor is the first to give permission for an activity. Approval is indicated with a signature on the Student Life: Activities and Fundraiser Clearance Form. The signature of the advisor is a commitment to be present at the activity and provide proper supervision. The final signatures needed to begin the activity are the Coordinator of Student Life, the Dean of Student Development, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. The activity clearance form with its signed approvals is filed in this office.

Procedure for Starting New Student Clubs and Organizations

When a group of students recognize a common interest which it wishes to strengthen through formal organization, a written proposal should be submitted to the Coordinator of Student Life, Dean of Student Development, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. The proposal should consist of the following: (a) the need for the organization, (b) its purpose, (c) its goal and/or objectives, (d) at least five interested currently enrolled students with one willing to serve as president, (e) name of the advisor (advisors must be a full-time faculty or staff member at Gaston College), (f) the constitution and bylaws, and (g) completed Student Organization Registration Form.

  • A student interested in starting a student organization should contact the Coordinator of Student Life for further information at 704.922.6312.
  • The interested group must present its proposal to the Student Government Association.
  •  If the proposal is approved, the Coordinator of Student Life, Dean of Student Development, and the Vice President for Student Affairs must review and approve the formation of the organization.
  • The Coordinator of Student Life will grant recognition conferring all the privileges and responsibilities accorded similar organizations.

Intramural Activities

The focus of Intramural Activities is to provide an environment where students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to gather and participate in various recreational/leisure activities and tournaments regardless of skill level and ability. Intramural Activities is open to all students, faculty, and staff.


Student Code of Conduct

All students have the right to a safe, peaceful, quality, and honest educational environment. If a student’s conduct disrupts or threatens to disrupt the College community, the College will take appropriate disciplinary action to restore and protect the mission, safety, peace, and integrity of the College. The intent of the Student Code of Conduct is not to restrict student freedoms but to protect the rights of individuals in their academic pursuits.

Gaston College (GC) is committed to providing a safe and secure working and learning environment. As part of this commitment, Gaston College has established a behavioral intervention committee known as the CARE Team. CARE is an acronym that stands for: Conduct • Awareness • Response • Encouragement.

The CARE Team is responsible for assessing and managing behaviors that pose, or may pose, a threat to the College Community.

For more information on the Student Code of Conduct, please visit Student Rights and Responsibilities of the Catalog and Student Handbook.