Jun 23, 2024  
2018-2019 Gaston College Student Handbook 



Gaston College, supported by the taxpayers of North Carolina, Gaston County and Lincoln County, maintains modest instructional and general fees, which are subject to change by the state of North Carolina and the Board of Trustees of Gaston College.

Please visit the Business Office webpage for payment, refund, collection and transcript policies.

Cost to Attend

Gaston College Tuition* and Fee amounts for the 2018-19 academic year are listed below:


Credit Hours In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition
1 76.00 268.00
2 152.00 536.00
3 228.00 804.00
4 304.00 1072.00
5 380.00 1340.00
6 456.00 1608.00
7 532.00 1876.00
8 608.00 2144.00
9 684.00 2412.00
10 760.00 2680.00
11 836.00 2948.00
12 912.00 3216.00
13 988.00 3484.00
14 1064.00 3752.00
15 1140.00 4020.00
16+ 1216.00 4288.00
*Tuition rates are subject to change by the North Carolina legislature.


Usage Fee (Parking & Security) $12.00 per semester, Fall & Spring
$10.00 per semester, Summer
Lab and Clinical Fees $6.00, $12.00, or $18.00 per lab hour (no maximum)
Technology Fee

$16.00 per term (curriculum)
$5.00 per course (continuing education)

Student Activity Fee $15.00 per term (Fall & Spring only)

Other Fees

Malpractice Insurance (Health Services, EMS, & Nursing Programs) $13.00 annually
TEAS Test Fee $55.00
BLET Accident Insurance $23.00
Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) $20.00 to $25.00 per test
Graduation Fee - Curriculum $45.00 first degree, $15.00 concurrent degrees
Graduation Fee - Life Skills $20.00
Official Student Transcript Fee $7.00 each
Parking Violation Fee $5.00 each
Return Check Fee $25.00
1098T Passthrough Fee $100.00 per calendar year
Proctored Tests for Non-student Examinees $20.00
Apprenticeship 321 Fee $35.00

Some programs also have additional fees.  

Right To Change Fees

All College fees are subject to change without notice.

Tuition Exceptions

Career and College Promise:

Students enrolled in High School who are taking College courses (dual enrollment students) pay no tuition for state-funded courses, except for continuing education classes. All other fees apply.

Resident Status for Tuition Payments

Students who are not North Carolina residents pay out-of-state tuition for credit (degree) classes. A student’s official residency status is determined at the time they complete the admissions application according to the residency policy of the state of North Carolina, the North Carolina Community College System, and the Gaston College Board of Trustees. In order for a student to be considered a legal resident for tuition purposes, the applicant’s residency must be established and maintained in North Carolina for at least 12 months preceding the date of enrollment. Immigrants lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence may establish North Carolina residence in the same manner as any other non-resident.

Beginning September 2017 all applicants to Gaston College will be required to supply a Residency Certification Number upon application to the College. Applicants can acquire a Residency Certification Number by completing a residency application interview with the Residency Determination Service. An applicant’s residency determination based on the Residency Determination Service interview will be used as the student’s residency classification for Gaston College.

The legal residence of a person under 18 years of age is that of his or her parents, surviving parent, or legal guardian. In cases where parents are divorced or legally separated, the minor’s domicile is deemed to be North Carolina for the time period that either parent, as a North Carolina legal resident, claims the minor as a taxable dependent.

A change of address does not automatically entitle a student to pay the same tuition as a North Carolina resident. A request to change one’s residency status should be submitted to the Residency Determination Service beginning in September 2017. Requests for change before September 2017 should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. Students must disclose any change in residency to the Office of Admissions. More information on residency requirements may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

Refund Policy

Curriculum Programs

A pre-registered student who officially drops from a curriculum class prior to the first day of the semester will be eligible for a 100 percent tuition refund.

Refunds are made up to the 10 percent date of the semester. Once the semester has begun, a 75 percent refund of tuition only will be granted up to the 10 percent date. Refunds are not given after that date. To find out the exact 10 percent date, see the Office of Records and Registration. If a course fails to materialize, refunds are automatically processed. (The refund policy is subject to change. Refunds of tuition will be issued in accordance with the current state and college policy. Refund checks will be mailed by the Business Office within six weeks of the last drop-add day.)

Economic and Workforce Development

If a student drops from a state-supported class or classes before the 10 percent date of the class(es), a 75 percent tuition refund will be given for the class(es) dropped. A 100% refund will be made if the student withdraws from the class prior to the class start date. No refunds will be given after the 10 percent date. If a course fails to materialize, refunds are automatically processed. (The refund policy is subject to change. Refunds of tuition will be issued in accordance with the current state and college policy. Refund checks will be mailed within six weeks of class cancellation or notification of withdrawal from the class.)

Accident Insurance

Gaston College provides accident insurance coverage for students in case of injury on Gaston College campuses or in a College-related activity.

Student Accident Insurance provides coverage to all registered and enrolled curriculum and continuing education students for covered injuries sustained while the insured student is:

  • Participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the school except for play and/or practice of intercollegiate sports;
  • Traveling during such activities as a member of a group in transportation furnished or arranged by the school; or
  • Traveling directly to or from the insured’s home premises and the site of such activities.

The cost of coverage for this insurance program is paid for by College funds. This coverage is secondary coverage and applies only after the claim has been reviewed by the student’s primary insurance provider.

For information concerning coverages, benefits, exclusions and definitions, please refer to the Student Accident Insurance Plan brochure, available in Student Affairs or on the College website under “Student Resources” and “Business Office.”

To file a student accident insurance claim, the student must do the following:

  1. Obtain a copy of the Incident Report from the Campus Police Department as soon as reasonably possible.
  2. Complete the Student Claim Form in its entirety.  The claim form is available from the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance, Operations and Facilities (Beam Administration Building Room 115, telephone 704-922-6406).
  3. The student should make a copy of the Accident Report and Claim form for their records.
  4. Return both forms to the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance, Operations and Facilities for the claim to be submitted.
  5. The student is responsible for submitting all medical bills to the insurance carrier. Information for the carrier is provided on the claim form.

These are time sensitive documents. Please verify the forms are complete and accurate prior to submitting.