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2017-2018 Gaston College Student Handbook 

Welcome from the President and the Student Government Association (SGA)

Dear Student:

Welcome to Gaston College! Whether you are entering college straight from high school, or returning to school after being in the working world, you are sure to find exciting opportunities here.

For two-year transferring students, you’ll find general education courses that provide a firm foundation on which to build your career.

For those beginning, changing, expanding, or updating their careers, Gaston College has many varied and interesting courses and programs to enhance your working portfolio. As you become more deeply involved in your studies, be sure to check out all the opportunities.

Always keep in mind, the faculty, staff, and administration are here to help you achieve your goals. I encourage you to take advantage of their knowledge and many years of experience. There are numerous resources available.

Best wishes to you as you begin your studies. We wish you continued success as you strive to meet your personal and educational goals.


Patricia A. Skinner, Ph.D.








Dear Students,

On the behalf of Gaston College, we welcome you. The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the students. To have the students’ voices heard is one of the main reasons for having this organization. Having an SGA unites the students, faculty, staff, administration, and community together as a whole.

Our focus is to see that every student has the opportunity to be involved in activities along with becoming more informed about what is happening on our campus. During SGA Senate meetings, students discuss campus activities, improvements, and issues. You do not have to be a senator in order to bring your thoughts to the group. Please come and voice your opinions. If you are interested in becoming more involved as a student leader you can contact us at 704.922.6472 or government.student@gaston.edu or simply stop by the second floor of the Myers Center.  We look forward to meeting you.

Best Wishes,

Student Government Association


The Student Handbook is not a contract, but it does serve as a ready reference for Gaston College students. As a student you are responsible for the information contained within it, so become familiar with the policies and procedures outlined. We know you will be studying and working diligently to be successful in your educational career. Be assured that the faculty and staff of Gaston College offer encouragement and support to make your educational experience on our campus one of success and enjoyment.

Contents are subject to change. Please go to www.gaston.edu, click on “Student Resources”, and then click on the “Student Handbook” link to view the most up-to-date version of the Student Handbook.

Revised June 2017