Jul 12, 2024  
2016-2017 Gaston College Student Handbook 

Student Activities, Clubs & Organizations

Student Organization Activities and Fundraisers

For student organizations to schedule an activity and / or fundraiser on campus, a fundraiser and activity clearance form must be obtained from the Office of Student Activities located on the second floor of the Myers Center. Completion of this form is necessary to secure the cooperation of student organizations on campus and to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Student organization activities are approved at several levels. The advisor is the first to give permission for an activity. Approval is indicated with a signature on the Office of Student Acivities: Activities and Fundraiser Clearance Form. The signature of the advisor is a commitment to be present at the activity and provide proper supervision. After the advisor gives approval, the information about the activity is presented to the Inter-Club Council. The support of other student organizations is assured from this presentation to the ICC. The final signatures needed to begin the activity are the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The activity clearance form with its signed approvals is filed in this office.

To reserve any section of the Myers Center for student organization use, approval must be obtained by contacting the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Finance, Operations and Facilities at 704.922.6406. To reserve space at the Kimbrell or Lincoln Campuses, contact the Dean’s Office for that campus.

Procedure for Starting New Student Organizations

When a group of students recognize a common interest which it wishes to strengthen through formal organization, a written proposal should be submitted to the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The proposal should consist of the following: (a) the need for the organization, (b) its purpose, (c) its goal and/or objectives, (d) number of persons interested, (e) name of the advisor (advisors must be a full-time faculty or staff member at Gaston College), (f)  the constitution and bylaws, and (g) contact information for executive council.

  • A student interested in starting a student organization should contact the Coordinator of Student Activities for further information at 704.922.6312.
  • The Coordinator of Student Activities and the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management must review and approve the formation of the organization. Thereafter the interested group must present its proposal to the Inter-Club Council (ICC).
  • If the Inter-Club Council agrees to the formation of the organization, its representative will present the proposal to the Student Government Association for final action. If the proposal is approved, the Student Government Association will grant recognition conferring all the privileges and responsibilities accorded similar organizations.

Active Clubs and Organizations

For a complete listing of active campus clubs and organizations, please contact the Office of Student Activities.