Jun 04, 2023  
2017-18 Gaston College Catalog 

Associate in General Education (A10300)

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The Associate in General Education degree shall be granted for planned programs of study consisting of a minimum of 64 and a maximum of 65 semester hours.

Within the degree programs, the college shall include opportunities for the achievement of competence in reading, writing, oral communications, fundamental mathematical skills, and the basic use of computers.

The Associate in General Education is a non-transfer degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

Demonstrate general education competencies in the following areas:

Competency 1:  Information Literacy and Educational Technology

Students will meet this competency through the completion of both objectives 1a and 1b.

Objective 1a:  Access, use, and evaluate information in a variety of formats.

Objective 1b:  Use educational technologies to achieve academic and work-related goals.

Competency 2:  Communication

Students will meet this competency through assessments in both ENG 111 and ENG 112 or ENG 114.

Objective:  Communicate effectively through writing, reading, and speaking

Competency 3:  Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning

Students will meet this competency through the completion of objectives 3a or 3b.

Objective 3a:   Analyze mathematical problems and quantitative data to make logical decisions.

Objective 3b:  Demonstrate knowledge of the natural sciences and use this knowledge to analyze problems and make rational decisions.

Competency 4:  Humanities and Fine Arts

Students will meet this competency through the completion of objectives 4a or 4b.

Objective 4a:  Demonstrate knowledge of philosophical and/or religious beliefs, assumptions, and values.

Objective 4b:  Demonstrate knowledge of cultural and artistic significance within the fine arts.

Competency 5:  Social and Behavioral Sciences

Students will meet this competency through the completion of objectives 5a or 5b.

Objective 5a:  Demonstrate knowledge of the historical patterns in political, cultural, and economic life and their impact on human societies.

Objective 5b:  Demonstrate knowledge of the reciprocal interactions among self, society, and the environment.

General Education Courses (15 SHC)*

English Composition (6 SHC)

ENG 111 is required.  Students must select either ENG 112 or ENG 114 as the second required English course.

Other Required Hours (49-50 SHC)

An additional 49-50 semester hours credit of courses should be selected from general education and professional courses which have been approved for transfer and/or approved by the advisor or required for specific A.A.S. programs. Only courses numbered 110-199 or 210-299 will count. WBL courses will not count towards the AGE degree. A maximum of seven SHC in health, physical education, college orientation, and /or study skills may be included. Selected topics or seminar courses may be included in a program of study up to a maximum of three SHC.

Required:  Take One (1)

Total Program Hours: 64-65

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