Jun 28, 2022  
2018-19 Gaston College Catalog 

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DMA 065 Algebra for Precalculus (3 Credit Hours)

Class Hours: 2.25
Lab Hours: 1.5
Clinical/Work Experience Hours: 0
Prerequisites: Take One Set:
Set 1: DMA 010 , DMA 020 , DMA 030 , DMA 040 , and DMA 050 
Set 2: DMA 010 , DMA 020 , DMA 030 , and DMA-045
Set 3: DMA-025, DMA 040 , and DMA 050 
Set 4: DMA-025 and DMA-045
Corequisites: None
This course provides a study of problems involving algebraic representations of quadratic, rational, and radical equations. Topics include simplifying polynomial, rational, and radical expressions and solving quadratic, rational, and radical equations. Upon completion, students should be able to find algebraic solutions to contextual problems with quadratic and rational applications.


  1. Represent real-world applications as quadratic equations
  2. Apply exponent rules
  3. Solve application problems involving polynomial
  4. Apply the principles of factoring when solving problems
  5. Represent and solve contextual application problems involving operations on expressions and/or equations
  6. Explain the reasonableness of solutions found
  7. Solve radical equations
  8. Perform operations with radical expressions

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the use of a problem solving strategy to include multiple representations of the situation, organization of the information, and algebraic representation of quadratic and rational equations
  2. Add and subtract polynomials
  3. Apply exponent rules
  4. Multiply polynomials
  5. Divide a polynomial by a monomial
  6. Factor trinomials using multiple methods
  7. Factor the difference of two squares
  8. Given the graph of a parabola, identify the vertex and x-intercepts
  9. Solve quadratic applications using the zero product property and critique the reasonableness of solutions found
  10. Identify the domain of a rational expression
  11. Multiply and divide rational expressions
  12. Add and subtract rational expressions
  13. Solve basic rational equations
  14. Use rational exponents to rewrite radical expressions
  15. Simplify radical expressions
  16. Add and subtract radical expressions
  17. Multiply radical expressions
  18. Divide radical expressions
  19. Solve radical equations with one radical term
  20. Solve quadratic equations and applications using the quadratic formula

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