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    Mar 19, 2018  
2017-18 Gaston College Catalog 
2017-18 Gaston College Catalog
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DMA 030 Propor/Ratio/Rate/Percent (1 Credit Hour)

Class Hours: .75
Lab Hours: .50
Clinical/Work Experience Hours: 0
Prerequisites: Take All: DMA 010  and DMA 020  
Corequisites: None
This course provides a conceptual study of the problems that are represented by rates, ratios, percent, and proportions. Topics include rates, ratios, percent, proportion, conversion of English and metric units, and applications of the geometry of similar triangles. Upon completion, students should be able to use their understanding to solve conceptual application problems.

·Apply the concepts of ratio, rates, proportions, and percents to application problems
·Recognize and choose the correct units in application problems using ratios, rates, and proportions
·Calculate a unit rate
·Convert measurements within and between the U.S. customary and metric system using unit analysis
·Compare percents, decimals, and fractions
·Apply the concepts of part, whole, and percent to solve contextual applications

Student Learning Outcomes
3.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of ratios, rates, proportions, and percents in the context of application problems
3.2 Write a ratio using a variety of notations
3.3 Distinguish between events in a problem that should be represented by a ratio or a rate
3.4 Calculate a unit rate
3.5 Convert measurements within the U.S. customary and metric system using unit analysis
3.6 Convert measurements between the U.S customary and metric systems using unit analysis
3.7 Represent percent as "parts of 100"
3.8 Correctly convert between fractions, decimals, and percents
3.9 Solve application problems using ratios, rates, proportions, and percents
3.10 Recognize that two triangles are similar and solve for unknown sides using proportions in contextual applications

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