Sep 30, 2023  
2014-2015 Gaston College Student Handbook 


Graduation Requirements

Requirements for the degree, diploma, or certificate will vary according to the curriculum. Students should refer to their particular program requirements. A  2.00 grade point average is required for graduation from Gaston College. At least 20 semester credit hours for an associate degree or diploma must be completed in attendance at Gaston College. At least 75 percent of the requirements for a certificate must be completed at Gaston College. Certificate information may be obtained in the divisional dean’s office. Courses numbered less than 100 do not count for graduation credit.

Graduation Application Procedures

Students are required to file an Application for Graduation with the Office of Records and Registration. The application deadline is listed in the Gaston College Calendar. Late applications will be accepted for the following semester. The following steps must be taken before submitting the application:

  1. Obtain a current Student Copy of your transcript (WebAdvisor) along with an Application for Graduation from the Office of Records and Registration.
  2. Present the application to your divisional dean’s office with the Student Copy of your transcript.
  3. After receiving your approved application from the divisional dean’s office, see the Placement Office (Leana Sue Beam Building) for clearance.
  4. Pay the $45.00 graduation fee in the Business Office (Myers Center 1st Floor).
  5. Order your cap and gown online or visit the Bookstore for assistance.
  6. Submit your completed application to the Office of Records and Registration by the designated deadline (Myers Center 2nd Floor). See the Academic Calendar 2014-2015  for deadline information.

Honors Graduates

Gaston College recognizes excellent scholarship by designating the status of “Honors” or “High Honors” to selected graduates receiving associate degrees or diplomas. To be eligible for graduation with “Honors,” a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.500 or above, but below a 3.800 on all work completed by the end of the semester prior to graduation. In order to be eligible for graduation with “High Honors,” a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.800 or above on all work completed by the end of the semester prior to graduation. Students who receive “Honors” or “High Honors” will receive an Honor cord to wear at the graduation ceremony. In addition, there will be a designation of the Honors status on the student’s actual diploma. Many local area newspapers run a list of the “Honors”and “High Honors” graduates. This information also appears on the Gaston College web page. Honors designations, however, do not appear on the Gaston College transcript.

Catalog of Record

A student who is in continuous attendance (summer semester excluded) may graduate under the provisions of the catalog in effect on his/her date of entry provided the courses are still offered or he/she may choose to meet the requirements of a subsequent issue. A student not enrolled for a period of six consecutive semesters (two years) must reapply and graduate under the provision of the catalog in effect at that time. A student who changes programs must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of the change of program.